Paul & Jerri Starkey moved to California from Kentucky in 2010. Seven of the eight years they have lived in Ocean Hills Country Club. They are active in the community, their church and businesses. Paul is CEO of VITAL MGMT a business coaching firm that helps smart home automation companies perform better. Jerri serves the OHCC community with her AVON business since 2011. They have 4 children from previous marriages, 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

They are producing several fund-raisers for a safe house for sex trafficked girls in North San Diego County. Last year net proceeds were $90,000 and with the swim event and other charitable trust work they expect to reach $400,000 for the live-in facility. They have a personal goal to raise $50M from 2017 to 2027 for the cause.

All projects are being directed to GenerateHope a 8 year successful safe house program in South County who recently secured a second house in Coronado. This funding goes to a third home exclusively. The projects are being supported by numerous businesses, doctors, dentists, health professionals, educators and churches in the greater San Diego area including New Venture Christian Fellowship. Al Lipitz and his wife Gloria are dear friends and their help is gratefully appreciated.

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